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There are a lot of slang terms, acronyms and unique terms associated with betting on horses. The list below includes the key definitions to get you started. Sites place the bet slip to the right (or via a pop-up message).

Place Bet – This is a bet that you can place on a horse to Statistically Winning Cube Gaming finish 2nd in a race. The amount of your return is again based on the odds of each individual horse. In order to win this bet, your horse must come in 1st or second place in the race. Although the “Sports of Kings” is centuries old, recent changes have made the thrill of horse betting more accessible than ever before. Not everyone lives within the jurisdiction of the great racetracks that can be found in California.

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The traditional, and still the preeminent bet, is the “straight bet” to win, or place or show. These bets are usually cited as if they were in a $2 denomination. So if someone says that a horse paid $52, it means that a $2 bet “to win” paid back $52 (including the return of the original $2) if the horse finished in first place. A bet “to place” means that it will be “a winning ticket” if the horse finishes either first or second. A bet “to show” means that the bettor wins if the horse comes in first, second or third.

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The Breeders Cup is a Grade 1 event and it is often referred to as the championship series for thoroughbreds. However, through the years, flicking a wager on the ponies has definitely taken a backseat compared to betting on other major sports competitions. Football, baseball, and informative post basketball get all of the attention it seems, but there remains a healthy group of horse racing fans looking to place a wager, and demand is definitely up. Study the form – This includes checking the horses’ history and performance to date. See who the trainer and jockey is, and check the horses weight. Knowing how to read the form is one of most important things you can do and it will greatly improve your bets.

Chalk is sometimes used, and someone who only ever bets on the favourite of a race is a chalk player. There has been a lot of discussion about non runners on the OLBG forum. Here is a list of great discussions and some profitable angles for following horses declared as non runners.

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If you bet a straight win, this means, your horse needs to win for you to make money. I’d say this is the most common bet regarding horse racing online. These horse betting sites are in front of the other betting organizations with regards to live-betting, Cash Out and Livestreaming on horse racing.

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You should also check how other horses these jockeys and trainers have ridden and trained have performed in recent races. Detailed statistics are available on websites such as and If other horses in the stable have failed to impress, this may imply the stable is currently out of form. If you bet $10 on both horses as singles ($10 x 2), your return for each race would be $20. Your return would be $40, but your profit would only be $20 because you had to bet double the amount. Fractional odds comprise two numbers separated by a slash.

You must seek out the most accurate and up-to-date information possible regarding the track and horses, becoming aware of any variable that could change your calculations. Superfectas are offered at some race tracks for as little as $0.10 per combination. For example, a $0.10 Superfecta box including four horses would cost you $2.40. Of course, a lower wagering amount normally means a lower payout. If a $1 Superfecta box pays off at $100, a $0.10 Superfecta Box would pay $10.